You have entered the Studio. May I offer you a beverage?

Hi! I am the E in E Deck! My name is Ethel Mann. I am the moderator of this forum which honors the Creative Spirit in us all. My husband, Ray Todd, and I, invite you to join us in relaxed exchange. I am a visual artist, and you will find a diary of the images I have discovered over the last twenty years in the studios listed. I am most pleased to be able to share my images with you in this innovative way, as my career as a kindergarten teacher does not afford me the opportunity for gallery exhibitions at this time.

Our heartfelt thanks to our webmasters, Rick and Suzanne McNamara! Ray and I, and Rick and Suzanne, have already discussed numerous creative ideas for the future of this site including, Ray's Grateful Kitchen, Guest Art Exhibits, a Poetry Wall, Music Connections, Fine Art Prints, and more. 

I would like to dedicate the E Deck to my parents, Alice Walberg and Bernard Mann,
to my husband, Ray Todd, to ours sons, Raymond and Benjamin, and to all our extended family. I would also like to acknowledge the Dorbsters, members of our writer's workshop. who are the authors of our amazing novel novel, Dorb's Tale! I want to honor the entire band and entourage of the Jefferson Starship for their continuous inspiration. And, as well, we dedicated this site to all of the past, present, and future participants of the A Deck of, and of the E Deck.

Lastly, our newest flight to the stars is dedicated to the incomparably lovely and talented leading female vocalist of the Jefferson Starship, Ms. Diana Mangano, and to Paul Kantner____my gratitude.


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