Ephemera Studio 2006


This studio is quite different in approach than those preceding it.
All images in the Ephemera studio are moving paint images that are
passing through the universe. Moments of this passage are captured
through digital photography. There are no existing paintings at the end of
the process. The artifact is a photograph. The currently posted images
represent initial explorations in this vein. It is a study of the possibilities
nature has for the eye when paint is released from captivity.
In other words, in the Ephemera studio everything is just THAT.

Please Email me on the CONTACT E button with any responses as it is very interesting and informative to me.  Or better yet, post your observations to the Edeck, where others can contribute to the discussion!

Many of these images will soon disappear to be replaced by new discoveries.
For me, it will be an on-going competition between discoveries
for the most interesting 12 to 24 images. The older images will be archived.

This New Path may help accomplish another goal that I have had for EDeck,
to encourage active discussion of images and processes, thus making
the language of painting more accessible and involving for everyone, and less isolating for ME!  So thanks for visiting, or being a member, of the EDeck community---

----where we never know what will come about NEXT!

Ethel Mann