(work is in progress)
acrylic on pressed fiber
5 feet by 7 feet
Ethel Mann

Excerpts from a letter to Paul Kantner 4/15/07
forward to Tom Vincent 10/17/07

I sent this image to you LAST YEAR in a VERY, VERY much earlier stage------

"........The piece in question is concretely symbolic,
somewhat elaborated, and in several directions my teacher would not approve.
But he is strictly a zen expressionist.

I, on the other hand, am a whateverIwannabe painter. So I love his way best---and is my basis--
but I explore any other thing that TRIES TO come my way.

This piece is the most difficult of ANY large piece of mine to SEE at small scale, because the colorful peace sun/sign of the butterfly wings has been suggested by 173 tiny one inch flags of every nation in the world. So if you walk up to it in person, you can see the word 'Indonesia' under a colorful one inch flag, and etc. times 173. Then I am knitting all the flags together for the peace sign---impossible to see in picture.  I am not done with the colorizing of the peace sun/sign---but it is gently laid in here. IT IS NOT ALL THE WAY DONE---but mostly............."



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